Plan of Work
Rural Communities Thriving Together
FY 2020


The SRDC’s 14-member Technical and Operational Advisory Committee (TOAC) met in October 2016 to review the priorities and the Research/Extension activities of the Center. TOAC membership, composed of six Research faculty and six Extension specialists from the 1862 and 1890 land-grant schools in the region, as well as two non-land-grant representatives, provides programmatic guidance to the SRDC, ensuring that the work of the Center is aligned with the needs of people and communities in the rural South. TOAC recommended that the SRDC conduct a survey of CRD priorities across the region during the 2020 year as this has not been done since 2007. While this survey is in process, TOAC recommended focusing on three specific areas in the rural South in FY20.

  1. Develop Pathways for Vibrant Communities
  2. Build Strategic Partnerships
  3. Mobilize Resources around Emerging Issues

The following document outlines the Center's FY2020 plan of work, which is the result of careful input provided by the Center's TOAC and Board. As such, it delineates key activities that the SRDC will continue in FY20, as well as new efforts that it will launch in order to further advance the Center's important priorities.