South Central North Carolina

The Sandhills SET Inititative region in South-Central North Carolina is characterized by strong self-determination and a spirit of regionalism. In June 2013, the SET process launched what is now called “Green Fields Initiative.” Comprised of Lee, Richmond, and Moore Counties and situated in what is commonly known as Sandhills Country. The Sandhills region enjoys healthy rainfall and sandy light textured soils which together promote long growing seasons suitable for cultivating fruits and vegetables as well as more traditional row crops. Aside from historic economic drivers such as agriculture and forestry, the region has also developed a robust tourism industry. With changing demographics and demand, the region is excited to promote a younger, local foods movement as a key economic driver.

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Western Oklahoma I-40 Corridor

The Western Oklahoma I-40 Corridor is a region that includes 108 miles of Interstate Highway 40 that parallels historic Route 66 through Caddo, Custer, Washita and Beckham Counties. The corridor has experienced higher economic stability, while surrounding rural areas farther from the interstate highway have experienced population declines and lower economic activity. The key sectors of the economy have been and continue to be agriculture and energy production. New technological innovations are indicating that those key sectors will be strong thanks in part to an increase in drilling activity and improved conservation cropping practices. These innovations provide a window of opportunity for economic development to build a stronger region.

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Western Nevada

The effects of the recession are unmistakable, and the Western Nevada Development District (WNDD) was among the rural areas across the nation facing economic hardship. Employment levels were low, and there was also an evident need to enhance workforce education and skill training. To combat these declining education and workforce trends that have been apparent in Nevada for some time, something had to be done. The solution came when the WNDD was selected to be a region for Stronger Economies Tog

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Northern Neck Virginia Region

The Northern Neck region of Virginia is characterized by a regional spirit and supported by a love for the region’s history and geography. Situated within easy driving distance from major urban centers of Richmond, Norfolk and Northern Virginia, the region has become a mecca for urbanites ho seek a quiet retirement community or weekend getaways situated along the region’s rivers and inlets.

The Northern Neck region adopted the Stronger Economies Together initiative to create a blueprint for their economic development. The Northern Neck Regional Economic Development Plan serves as the roadmap for continuing economic development efforts. Key stakeholders have embraced a spirit of regionalism and support this initiative to ultimately strengthen the ability of the Northern Neck to secure its economic future and position it as a competitive region.

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